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    ​Since you found your way to my website, I suspect you are a lot like me. You are wondering how to supplement your income without spending all your precious time working at it.

    ​Internet marketing is well suited to the retirement life style. You can add a substantial amount to your retirement income without a big time investment.

    ​You can run your online business from your home, the beach, a cruise ship deck or anywhere you want to be. You keep your freedom to do what you choose but have more money to do it!

    There are two main ways for retirees to make a significant income through Internet marketing.

    Sell products and services for commission

    Selling products and services someone else supplies is known as affiliate marketing. You make the sales and, in return, the producer pays you a commission.

    This is the route I have chosen for myself and it is the focus of Affiliate Marketing for Retirees. I believe affiliate marketing offers the best mix of good income potential and relatively low time commitment that I want as a retiree.

    I have created a page titled Why Affiliate Marketing that goes into more detail about why I am convinced I will succeed this time and why I know you can succeed too.

    Sell your own products

    If you are a crafter, writer, artist, consultant, inventor or otherwise produce a product or service, you can build a website to market it online. While that is not the main focus of Affiliate Marketing for Retirees, there will still be much you can learn here. The basics of online marketing are the same whether the product is yours or not.

    A Proven Formula

    Regardless of which route you choose, there is a proven formula for building a successful online marketing business:

    1. Choose your target audience
    2. Build a website targeted to your audience
    3. Attract visitors to your website
    4. Monetize your website to earn money from it
    Four Steps

    Just four steps but each requires some knowledge to be successful. That is where Affiliate Marketing for Retirees comes in. My goal is to help you learn what you need to succeed.The Blog page is where you will find a growing list of articles and tips to build a success online business.

    Thank You For Visiting

    I hope you will come back often to learn more about how to supplement a retirement income with affiliate marketing. By the way, while this site might specialize in Internet marketing for seniors, much of the information is very general and would apply to anyone. So, if you are not retired or even nearing it you are still welcome here. I promise, we won’t hold your age against you.


    Thank you for the visit and see you again soon,