About Me

    TomMy name is Tom and I am happily retired.

    I am a grandfather, private pilot, avid traveler with my lovely wife Georgia, family historian and amateur photographer among other interests.

    I have been interested in making money online for many years but my past efforts never came to very much. I would put in some effort, make just a few dollars a month and give it up as not worth my time.

    My job has always made it hard to find the time to devote to a serious effort at making money online. Now though, I am retired and I am determined to make a success of Internet marketing.

    While I am lucky that my years of employment will give me a relatively comfortable retirement, I want to do more. I want to make substantially more as an entrepreneur than I ever did as an employee. I want to have the money and the time to enjoy my hobbies of aviation, travel, photography and genealogy as well as to be able to afford the toys that go with them.

    I am not promoting anything on this website that I am not using or doing myself. I am in this to win and I hope you will join me for the journey to a happy retirement free from money worries.


    Thomas Clough

    Founder of Affiliate Marketing for Retirees

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