Step 4 – Add Advertising to Make Money

Add Advertising to Make MoneyFinally we get to the part where we start to make money with niche websites.  While this might have been your top priority when you started out in affiliate marketing, it is appropriate that it be the last step in the process. If you follow the other three steps you will have a targeted audience visiting your website because you are providing them with quality content. Only then is it practical to monetize the site.

Now you are ready to match products to the interests of your visitors and to the topic of your pages.

Finding Affiliate Programs

Whatever your audience, there are affiliate programs that can be marketed to them. You just have to find them. Here are a few ways to find them:

Search Google

Go to the Google Search page and type in “affiliate program xxxx” where xxxx is the topic you are searching for.

For example, if your website topic is related to knitting you would type “affiliate program knitting” into Google Search. Here is a small sample of the results I got when I did just that:

Affiliate Programs

Notice all the results returned. Even if most of those results are worthless to you, you still have a lot to choose from. Those high up in the search rankings all look pretty promising!

Join One or More Affiliate Consolidators

There are companies that combine many affiliate offers into on location. You register an account and then add affiliate programs to it. You can track all your results at a single location and you get paid your commissions by one company.  It is a convenient way to go.

Two consolidators I use and can recommend are CJ Affiliate and LinkConnector.

A search for knitting on CJ Affiliate found these 11 results. Some of those just might be exactly what you are looking for.

Companies You Use

Think about companies that you buy from. If you like them your visitors probably will too. Besides, the companies you patronize are the companies you are most likely to mention in your content.

You can visit their website and see if there is any mention of an affiliate program – usually somewhere in the footer. If you don’t find one try searching Google again. This time search for the company name and affiliate.

JoinAffiliate Programs

You should join the Associate program. The commissions on Amazon are low so if you can link to a better paying program for a particular product you should. However, there will be times when you just can’t find anyone else selling the product you want to mention. You can promote any product in the worlds largest online store through your Associate membership

Books are a good example. If you mention a book related to your niche, it is very likely that Amazon sells it. You might as well link to your associate ID to it and make a little off any sales.

Other Tips

Search for other websites within or related to your topic. What affiliate programs are they promoting? You can join those programs too.

Not every affiliate program has to be directly related to your niche to be successful. For example, you could promote coffee or tea monthly purchase plans. Those have a wide appeal and provide a monthly income for as long as your customer keeps their membership. Think about other universally appealing products.

Linking to Affiliate Accounts

Once you join a few affiliate programs you can start adding links into your content. You will be using both visual ads and text links to do that. You might be surprised to learn that text links are generally the most productive.

Banner Ads

Use WordPress to insert banner adds for your affiliate programs into your content.

You can place ads on your site using widgets within WordPress. Where you can place them depends on the theme you are using. Pick Widgets under Appearance to get to a screen like this:

Add Affiliate Banners to WordPress Widget

You should pick the Text widget which is also for adding HTML. You will have to refer to your affiliate program instructions for generating the HTML code to place. Each is a little different. Once you have the code, copy it and paste it into the text box and save. You can then move it up or down on in the list to get it where you want it.

You can also place ads directly into your content but you should use that option sparingly. Click the text button in the WordPress editor to edit the HTML code directly.

banner ads

Then paste you HTML code where you want it.


Text Links

As you write your content you should add links to products mentioned in your text and to images that shows the product.

It is easy to do. Just select the text or image and click the Link tool. Add the link in the URL box and click the “Open in new window’ check box. Checking that box will allow the link to be viewed without sending your visitor off your page. The only exception might be when you are linking to another page within your site.

add link

I have only scratched the surface of adding advertising on your website. I hope you will come back often to learn more.

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