Step 3 – Bring Targeted Traffic to Your Site

You know who your targeted audience is and you have a website. Now you will bring the two together.

You will be writing content that targets specific search keywords that people are likely to type into search engine. This is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO and is too big a subject to go into detail in a single post. I can only give a broad overview in this one.

Bringing targeted traffic to your website will be the main task that you will preform now and as long as you maintain it. It will also be the main topic of future posts on Affiliate Marketing for Retirees.

Quality Content Attracts Quality Visitors

Targeted Traffic to Your WebsiteThere are some pay per click and other paid traffic programs that can drive traffic to your site and I will talk about them in future posts. But, the very best potential customers will be the ones who search Google, Bing or Yahoo for your niche topic and are directed to your website.

These people sought you out. You should reward them by giving them information they can use. If you do that they will stay on your site longer and possibly visit again. The more time they spend, the more likely they will be to click one of your affiliate links or buy your product.

Pages and Posts

quality contentContent on your WordPress website will be on pages or in posts. Pages are usually used for content that is permanent while posts are more fleeting.

Pages can be used for a welcome page, about me pages, privacy policies, introductory information, etc. They usually show up in the main menu and are accessible from anywhere on the site.

Posts are more like the topic of the day. Blogs are examples of posts. As new posts are added, the old ones disappear down the page. They are still there and can be read they just aren’t as prominent as the newer content.

There is very little difference in how content is created for each. You use the same WordPress editor with the same tools.

WordPress editor

Regardless of which you are writing, your pages and posts should provide your visitors with useful information about your niche.

Keywords and SEO

Search Engine Optimization - SEOKeywords are not some obscure subject that only an search engine optimization guru can understand. They are simply the terms that might be typed into a search engine to find relevant pages of information.

If you want to learn more about losing weight after 60, you might search for “losing weight after 60”, “weight loss after 60”, “how to lose weight after 60”, “how can I lose weight over 60” and many more. These are all keywords. SEO is about researching which keywords are most likely to be used and targeting those keywords in your content.

I am not going to go into great detail about keyword research in this post and you shouldn’t be too concerned about it just yet either. For now just write your content naturally. Concentrate on turning out helpful information. That is what your visitors want, it’s what you want to provide and it is also what the search engines really want.

There was a time when keywords were all important. In those bad old days, many of your searches would have turned up content that didn’t relate to the information you were trying to find at all. Many pages were nothing more than trash writing stuffed with as many high search volume keywords as possible.

Fortunately, those days are gone. Google and the other search engines are getting better at recognizing relevant content and penalizing the keyword stuffers. That’s good for everyone.

Keywords are still important but they should fit naturally into your writing and really apply to your topic. So, write freely and naturally and fine tune the keywords later.

Learning More

Wealthy AffiliateCreating content is your job as the owner of an affiliate marketing website. You should always be learning how to do it better.

I hope you will find Affiliate Marketing for Retirees one of your main resources. Most of the posts to follow will be about using quality content to attract quality traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate is another good place to learning more. The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – Level 1 is outstanding and it is free to Starter members. Premium members have a huge collection of learning tools available to them. has many print and ebooks about affiliate marketing and content creation – many Kindle books are free and even more are free to read with an Amazon Prime membership.

The tools are available and help is as close as a comment below so go for it. Start writing content now.

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