Step 1 – Know Your Target Audience

Identify Your Audience

Target Audience

Before you can build a successful affiliate marketing website, you must identify your target audience. To do that, you have to clearly define the subject matter of your site. If you can identify the people who are interested in your subject you will know your target audience.


The topic of your website can be just about anything that interests you. You can build websites about your hobbies, favorite travel destinations, your hometown, medical conditions you have researched, your favorite foods, restaurants you visit, books you have read – the list could go on forever. With over two billion people online, whatever your interest, others are interested in it too.

Your topic could also be something you are not doing now but that you would like to do. Maybe you would like to buy an RV and are researching your options. You can share your research on a website and attract a targeted audience that way.

When you choose your topic, choose something you are passionate about. You are going to be researching, writing about and advertising this subject for as long as you maintain your website. You want to add high quality content to your site and to do that your will have to know your subject matter well. If you’re no linger interested in the topic it will show in your content.

Find Your Niche

Niche Marketing Ideas for Retirees

Once you know what you want to write about and who you are writing for, narrow your focus down to a niche within the broader subject. If your topic is too broad, there will be many other websites about that subject and you will not be able to compete for a target audience. You need to narrow your topic down to a niche within the broader subject.

Photography is too broad a subject.

Dog photography is a marketable niche.

Natural light photography is a niche.

Photographing children is a niche.

Click here for an excellent article that explains niches as just groups of people looking for stuff.

​Spend some time refining your niche and getting to know your target audience. It will pay off in the long run.


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