Why Wealthy Affiliate?

    What If You Could Work From Anywhere?

    Why Wealthy Affiliate?

    Your own online business makes it possible!

    • Be your own boss
    • Set your own hours
    • Spend more time doing what YOU want
    • Follow you passion

    You will notice that I mention Wealthy Affiliate often on these pages. Why Wealthy Affiliate instead of some other program? Because I truly believe joining WA is the best way to get started in affiliate marketing.

    Just What is Wealthy Affiliate?

    Wealthy Affiliate is not so much a product as it is a service and a vibrant community. The members at Wealthy Affiliate are second to none. If you want to earn money online, network with fellow entrepreneurs, get help and help others, and learn a ton from 1,000’s of online marketing experts – then Wealthy Affiliate will become your new online home.

    One of the things you will find unique about Wealthy Affiliate is that the co-founders, Carson and Kyle, are very active within the community. You will find them online (often into the early morning hours) helping folks get their campaigns up and running, their websites operating, and getting their business rolling in the right direction.

    What My Wealthy Affiliate Membership Means to Me

    I tried for years to make money online and never made more than a few dollars at anything I did. That changed when I learned the real way to make affiliate sales.

      • Identify your target audience and narrow that group down to an easily identified niche
      • Build a website and keep it fresh with quality content aimed at your target audience
      • Bring targeted traffic to your website by using proven traffic techniques
      • Monetize your website by placing ads for high quality products and services that will interest your audience

      I learned these steps through a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. The ten lesson Online Entrepreneur Certification course included with the free plan got me off to a new start with a solid action plan for success.

      Before I even finished that first course, I was convinced that I had found my online home. I accepted Kyle’s special offer for a discounted first month of Premium membership. A discount you will get too by the way.

      Before that first month was up I enrolled in the Annual Premium plan. Paying by the year is a great way to save some money. The plan cost $359 which works out to $29 a month or slightly less than a dollar a day. I know for sure that I get far, far more than a dollar a day of value from Wealthy Affiliate! Isn’t it worth less than the price of a cup of coffee to have access to one of, if not the best online marketing resources anywhere?

    Training and Much More

    The training is just the beginning of what is included with the starter membership. I chose to upgrade to premium but, even if you don’t, there is a lot you can do for free.


    For Newbies to Get Started Fast!

    • 7 Days to Try Live Support
    • 2 Websites
    • Domain Registration
    • Beginners Training Course
    • Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1
    • Video Walk-Throughs
    • 30 Keyword Searches
    • 2 Training Classrooms
    • Affiliate Program
    • Earn While You Learn
    • 7 Days 1-on-1 Coaching

    $0 Per Month

    No credit card required.


    For Those Who are READY for Success!

    • Unlimited Live Support
    • 50 Websites
    • Domain Registration
    • All Training Courses
    • Affiliate Bootcamp All Phases
    • Video Walk Throughs
    • Unlimited Keyword Searches
    • 12 Training Classrooms
    • 2X PayoutAffiliate Program
    • Earn While You Learn
    • Unlimited Coaching
    • Private Messaging
    • Website Security Package
    • Website Backup
    • Live Video Weekly Classes

    $49 Per Month

    $359 Annual!

    $19 Test Drive special for 1st Month!

    What the table doesn’t show is the friendly and active community at Wealthy Affiliate. You will find a group of like minded people always willing to help a newcomer – or a seasoned veteran.

    Here are some of the most common “positives” that people love about WA:

      • Getting Started Training (the process SIMPLIFIED!)
      • A wealth of Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses
      • 100,000’s of HELPFUL community members
      • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
      • Live & Interactive Help (even at 2am in the morning!)
      • 2 Free, Beautifully Designed Websites with your Starter Membership
      • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
      • A strict spam free environment
      • Register and host your domain right on WA
      • Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catche

    The last point is a big one for most. Not only do you get access to all of this, you get to do so for no cost. This is the only program in the industry that gives you this much for free and there is a good reason for it… YOU WILL LOVE YOUR EXPERIENCE AT WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

    What Will You Be Doing at Wealthy Affiliate?

    Set your own hours

    Many people considering joining wonder: “Just what will I be doing to make money at Wealthy Affiliate?” There are many things that you can do to make money online, in fact, there are hundreds of different ways that are taught within Wealthy Affiliate. However, to simplify things for you, here is the short version of how it all works.

    When you join, you are given two options. You can follow your own passion, maybe you like knitting or photography, you can choose any of your own interests as your direction. This is going to be your starting point and the initial training course is going to show you exactly how you can take that passion and turn it into a full time online business. Cool stuff right?

    If you can’t identify a passion or a niche or don’t want to, Wealthy Affiliate has an Affiliate Bootcamp with a “predefined” topic that you can build into very successful business. This training is a complete walk through, starting at the bare bones, There is absolutely no experience necessary.

    So in short, you are going to learn to take a topic and it into an online business. It starts with a niche website, and it is going to end with you earning money, in a variety of ways, from that website. This might be through the promotion of affiliate programs, ads, or otherwise. If you want a more in depth discussion of making money online watch the video “How to Make Money Online – The Process Explained.”

    Give Wealthy Affiliate a Try!

    Please, give Wealthy Affiliate a try. You can remain a free member for as long as you want and never upgrade to premium. You will keep your two free web sites, access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and much more.

    Then, when you decide a premium account will make you more money than it costs, you can go ahead and upgrade at any time.

    You have nothing to lose by joining us for free. No one will ask for your credit card or any other payment information to become a Starter Member. So come on over to Wealthy Affiliate. I look forward to welcoming you there.

    The Starter Membership is totally free. It’s true – no one will ask you for a credit card or other payment information. You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it. But, doing nothing can be very costly. See what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and join me in the greatest community of online entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.